Monday, June 27, 2011

Mancat Monday ~ Phillip

I believe in animal rights,
and high among them is the right
to the gentle stroke of a human hand.
- Robert Brault -
Hai furriends...I am a very Happy Mancat!
I am enjoying my freedom. Although I do not get to see the other cats here except to see them when my door is opened, I am still free! A few weeks ago I was in a high kill shelter in Georgia. Robin of CICH saw my picture and asked a friend if she would foster me until I could travel. If this had not happened, I would not have my freedom. My time would have probably run out, or maybe I would have gotten sick, or no more room, and I would have been put down. So, you see why I am happy to have my freedom, even if it is in a room of my very own, with toys to play with and a little bit of nip and fresh food and water and humans that love me and give me good pets and scritches..I am a very happy Mancat!
Now I'll return the blog to The Bunch ^..^
Happy Mancat Monday!!
~ Phillip


  1. This is a wonderful Mancat Monday post, and beautiful quote. We're very happy you have your freedom too!

  2. This is the best Mancat post we ever seen! We are so glad we gets to meet you! We are so happy for you, our Mumsy is dabbin tears :-)

  3. I am so very, very happy that you are free and happy!!!

  4. We are happy for you too!

  5. It's so great to see a happy mancat who is so handsome and adorable too!! Yay!!! Take care

  6. Phillip, we are happy for you too. What an uplifting post from you!

  7. YAY Phillip! We are so happy for you!

  8. Phillip, a handsome mancat like you deserves to be free! Yay for Robin and Bobbie for making that happen!

  9. You are insanely handsome Phillip...with your deep pink nose that's begging for a kiss!

    You make us purrr.

  10. We are soo happy fur you, Phillip. Purrs.

  11. Phillip, this is a wonderful post and it made us feel warm in our hearts. Freedom is so impawtant. Smoochies.

  12. Anonymous6:41 AM

    We're happy for your freedom, too! We know you are getting all the scritches and snuggles that you deserve!


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