Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Eaglets Nest and My very own nest!

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson -
Hi Furriend and Beans, hope you are having a nice Saturday.
Above screen capture is 'our' baby eagles in their nest.
They are growing up so fast.
Remember, their Mother was struck by an airplane and died.
The babies were moved to Wildlife Center of Virginia.
(See me below in my very own 'nest').
No, I am not fat, I'm sorta fluffy.
Please vote for the Wildlife Center and the Garden!
You have five votes, and can only vote once for each charity.
Directions ^..^
1. Go to Chase Community Giving’s Facebook page [you must have a Facebook account to participate]. 2. Click ‘like’ and allow access. 3. Enter “Wildlife Center Virginia” in the ‘find charities’ search box. 4. Click on “Wildlife Center of Virginia” in blue, then vote! 5. And then do the same for the Norfolk Botanical Gardens….Vote for both please….would really mean a lot to me! (You can only vote 1 time for each – WCV and NBG)

You can vote for 5 charities in total if you choose too. Contest is for $500 K
Hope you and your furriends will vote for both of them.
We are still taking good care of our Mom!
Happy Saturday!
~ Noah and The Bunch
OH!! You can watch the eaglets live HERE!!


  1. We're furry happy the eaglets were taken care of, they're BIG now!

  2. Glad to hear they are being taken care of. Have a floofy weekend!

  3. Yay for the eaglets!!! They are looking absolutely adorable!!! Me and Charlie hope their dad is ok too!! Fantastic news!

    Noah!! You are one beautiful kitty on your own nest! We have everything crossed that the Wildlife Centre and Gardens will win this monies! Take care

  4. Thanks for coming to visit a new bunch on the Cat Blogosphere. We appreciate the attention (of course cats appreciate it!) And my Josie is not fat just sorta fluffy, too. Good news about the young eagles, as well!

  5. We voted. The Eaglets are growing fast!

  6. I'm on my may to vote
    Thanks to let me know

  7. The baby eagles are divine, bless their wee hearts, happy they found you :)

  8. wow, baby eagles! D: never seen them before. so cute (and big!).

    i think your "nest" is nicer than theirs, though. :)


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