Thursday, January 06, 2011

Thankful Thursday ~ Noahs' Ark

To close your eyes will not ease another's pain.
- Chinese Proverb -

Well, Mom has another interloper in the front room.
He is from Henry County Animal Control.
This is just a quick layover for him,
as he is going to New York in a couple of weeks!

We cannot believe that someone tossed out or gave away such a beautiful animal. He is part Maine Coon, and so handsome. Today he will go to the lady that will foster him. All Mom did was go get him after he got tutored yesterday at Noahs Ark. He is doing great today and she is enjoying him while she can. She said he is a 'love bug' and a gentle giant, and still growing.

We are so very thankful that there are people that are willing to
rescue these precious animals and find them homes.

While she was at Noahs' Ark, she got to see one of our cousins.
He was a lot bigger than the kitty she brought home!


This pretty guy has a UTI, some of us know how that feels!
We hope he gets over it really soon so he can
go back to his living quarters there at
Noahs' Ark.

They are an animal rehab center as well as
have childrens care homes.
Take a look at their beautiful website,
over a thousand animals call Noahs' Ark home!
Yes, we are thankful for them!!

~ Maggie Mae


  1. Oh boy! What a handsome dude! We have a feeling he will find his forever home very quickly.

  2. How beautiful..handsome this baby is. What a pleasure to know he is being looked after now. HOW can humans do this? We are supposed to be the stewards!!

  3. Wow. Both of them are gorgeous, special creatures.

  4. Three precious beautiful kitties!!! Me and Charlie wish your gorgeous new friend will find a loving home soon - he is absolutely beautiful!! Your cousin the wild cat is perfect!! And you are looking wonderful, Maggie Mae!

    I would always like to think that for every bad person that harms animals, there are a hundred more who would save them!! Thank you all you wonderful people!!!
    Take care

  5. Purrs to that handsome and gentle giant. We hope his future forever home is purrfect!

  6. He is very very handsome. Some body will be really lucky to get him. Thanks Bobbie for fostering him until he can go to his next foster home. We sure hope he can find a forever home soon.

  7. He's gorgeous! Any human should feel blessed to share their life with him, as far as we are concerned. Lots of purrs he finds his forever home soon!

  8. I hope he finds a good forever home! How sad that he was just tossed out.

  9. He is a beauty. We are purring that he will find a good home!

  10. Whatta handsome guy! We know he'll find a furever home soon!!

  11. he is beyond handsome!! I am sure he will find a furever home soon!

  12. Noah's Ark sounds like an amazing place! I'm glad that Maine Coon kitty got rescued and that he is making his way up north - far, far away from Henry County ACC!

  13. What a handsome mancat! We're purring and praying he finds a forever home real soon!

  14. That's a very purrty big-cat!
    We is glad that the little one gets a furever home!


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