Friday, December 10, 2010

MacGruber went to school

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.
MacGruber got to go to school the other day to be tutored.
Mr. Bobby came to get him, he was gone all day!

Mom met Mr. Bobby and got MacGruber back,
I do not think he learned much at school.
We were glad to have him back home, well, this is not really his home.
He will be going about a squillion miles away one day very soon
and then he will be home, or almost home.
Mom loves him a whole lot, but will be happy for him to
get a real home of his very own!
Maybe we will be glad to not hear her going on and on about
how beautiful and wonderful he is when she is in his room.
Yep, we will be glad to get some of that attention!

Hope every fur and Bean has a nice weekend!
~ Anna Sue


  1. MacGruber, I never go to school too : ) so no complain from me : ) but thing I can do for you...I will tweet to find home for me little boy : )

  2. That MacGruber, he is stealing all the kitty thunder in the house, isn't he? I bet you kitties are getting pretty tired of it, even if your human isn't!

  3. Oh keep him, he's lovely and so obviously loved!

  4. We're glad MacGruber came home from being tutored! We know he will be loved in his new forever home.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  5. Awwww mum is so right! MacGruber is just so beautiful!! And all you gorgeous kitties are just as adorable too!! Take care!

  6. MacGruber, you sure are a handsome boy. We hope you find a wonderful home soon. Maybe Santa will find you a nice home. Take care and have a great day.

  7. We hope MacGruber learned something good at school.

  8. He's such a cutie! But we can see how y'all are getting tired of sharing.

  9. It is rather sad that y'all can't keep MacGruber, because we can tell your mama loves him a lot.

    We just purray he will find a home where he can be loved even more and they will want to keep him forever and ever.

    Bless y'all for helping MacGruber on his search for his forever home. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. MacGruber is just adorable - I hope he learned something at school!

  11. We've never been to school - we think we were born clever haha!!
    MacGruber look a furry handsome kitty - we hope he gets a furever home soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Oh MacGruber, you are the sweetest!!!

  13. Well, you's not your fault if MacGruber didn't learn anything while he was at school.

    It was sure nice Mr. Bobby went with you to get him back. They make a handsome pair.

    Thanks for stopping over to see "The Boys" at Kittens 'n Things. We like to see new faces!

  14. Glad MacGruber had a good "tutoring session" despite not learning much :).

    Anna Sue, we know it's never easy when routines are changed. It is so pawsome that all of you and your mom are helping MacGruber to his own home as wonderful as yours is. Purrs-

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  15. What is it with being tutored? When mom sent my brother Figaro to be tutored, he came back just as silly as ever.

    MacGruber sure is a cutie pie!

  16. Man, those tutoring sessions are rough. We were never the same afterwards.

  17. He is so kyoooot! He'll be gone before long, and you'll get your Mom back real quick, ok?

    Luf, Us

  18. MacGruber is adorable! Don't worry, he'll catch up with his learnin' one of these days!


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  20. you too, sweet one. Have a wonderful Sunday too.
    Thank you for coming to see me.

  21. Oh, he is a cutie! We are sure he'll have no trouble finding his forever home.

  22. Sue Anne, we miss hearing about you and the bunch! We purr that your house guest will find his special home

  23. No keeping MacGruber! He's MINE MINE MINE! We're looking forward to welcoming him to Connecticut where he will have a fine life with us until we find him the purrfect forever home. Folks are already lining up to adopt this super cutie! Thank you for taking such good care of this nice boy until we can take over!

    Robin O.
    Kitten Associates

  24. Bless you for fostering MacGruber and taking such wonderful care of him!!!

  25. I am glad MacGruber got tutored. That's an important lesson for all cats!

  26. MacGruber is very handsome. We think he may have learned more than he expected when he got tutored.
    We hope he soon gets his Forever home. A handsome boy like him should have no trouble getting one.

  27. School? We don't go there. That's the male survunt's thing.


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