Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Yard Sale

If you have a garden and a library,
you have everything you need.
- Cicero -

No, we are not learning to read in a library, but Mom did go to a
yard sale and found a brand new 'Dewey' book!
He looked a little bit like Napoleon.
She also found another P-T-U for us.
She said if we every have to 'vacuate we need enough P-T-U's.
We hope we won't have to 'vacuate what ever that means.
She said it has something to do with remembering Katrina
Happy Saturday!

~ Napoleon, Malachi and Timothy


  1. Yes, it's a good idea to have plenty of PTUs. We have 3, one for each of us, though one of those was Chumley's and doesn't load from the top, like the other two. The human intends to get another top-loading one -- much easier to get us in, much to our dismay!

  2. We don't know about the PTU, but we can get into the new Dewey book! The first one was great.

  3. The new Dewey book sounds good. We are going to check that one out. Glad you found another PTU also.Now you can all evacuate. Our Mom had to evacuate all of us out of Charleston, SC many times. That is NOT any fun.Have a Happy Halloween.

  4. Hello there Napoleon, Malachi and Timothy!! It's me and Charlie's first visit to your lovely blog!! You three look absolutely beautiful!!

    We think a PTU stands for pet transporter/transportation... something! LOL!! A pet carrier anyway!! And we love your brand new one!!

    We adored the first Dewey book and didn't know there was a second one so thank you for that info!!

    Have a lovely Saturday all at Cats-Goats- Quotes!

    Take care

  5. WE are not sure about a PTU and what that is, Spider thinks it may be some special sort of cat treat, Smudge reckons it a sort of cat wrestling style.

    Have a fun Halloween!!!!!!!!

  6. Yes, that is a good idea to have enough carriers. We only have 6 carriers, but there are 10 of us. Maw says if we ever have to 'vacuate, she'll just cram a couple of us into several crates. Goodness!

    Luf, Us

  7. Ooohhhh we have a Dewey book too. Mom is still reading it to us.

  8. I hope we never have to vacuate or I might have to share one with Ichiro!

  9. Yep, believe it or not those PTUs can be important in an emergency!

  10. I didn't know they were called P.T.U.s. I call mine the flying cage. Yard sales are great for things you need.
    Or, for new books! Glad you got the newest Dewey one!


  11. Looks like your mom made some good buys!! We got 3 for each of is more of a sport bag though...small and not something we'd want to be in for a long period.

  12. Anonymous8:36 PM

    That is a good looking PTU and I see you are already trying it out. We need to get a couple more ourselves. Enjoy the book. Nose kisses and hugs

  13. PTU's are always handy!! And it looks like you three are having fun investigating the new ptu!!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  14. Ok..PTU isn't something is a term for us North Idahoains.

    Coffee is on.

  15. Hopefully, you don't need to evacuate anytime soon.

  16. Having PTUs for vacuations is fine - it's just when they are used to go to the vet that they take on an evil hue.


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