Friday, October 08, 2010

Bonita ~ Our new foster

Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.
-Albert Schweitzer-

I was in a high kill shelter in Georgia.
A nice lady saw me and another lady pulled me.
I was sent to be spayed, then back to the shelter!

Oh Nos!
...but it was just to stay one more night until

a very nice man named Bobby could come get me
and take me to Mom Bobbie's house.
Bobby said I was lovely and named me Bonita.

I was sneezing and snorting all day, and Mom Bobbie
gave me somethat was was not too tasty, and today
I am feeling a lot better! I am even washing myself.
I will be here a few weeks until a transport can be arranged
then I will go to the nice lady that saw my picture and

Saved My Life!!

I am in a room all by myself, that is to protect the
resident kittehs as well as myself.
I have been eating and sleeping and my Garden looks good.

Daisy The Curly Cat explained the Lady Garden
Mom Bobbie was excited 'cause I peed and pooped.
Beans are really strange, but they do good stuff and
I am so thankful that the lady saw me and saved me!

A great, great big Thank You to Covered In Cat Hair,
She saves so many kittycats, can you help her?

~ Bonita


  1. We're very glad that you have been saved Bonita and that we have had the chance to mett you.

  2. Bonita, we sure are glad someone saved your life. You sure are a pretty cat. That Bobbie does take good care of everyone. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  3. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Isn't Bobbie great? You owe her your life and we are so glad she saved you.

  4. Yay we are so happy you were saved Bonita. You are truly a beautiful girl and I hope you will be very happy at your forever home :-)

  5. You are very pretty Bonita!

    Luf, Us

  6. You look like a very sweet girl and we're glad you found a forever home! Bobbie is a real lifesaver!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Oh, Bonita you are so pretty. I am glad that your were saved and will soon have a forever home. Sending you lots of nose kisses from Snookums, Patches, Pooh, Chancy and me.

  8. YAY, YAY, YAY, we are so happy you were saved, beautiful Bonita.

  9. There is a chorus of purrs at our house Miss Bonita! So glad you were rescued. What a beautiful girl you are.

    Bobbie, you are awesome!

  10. Bonita, you are beautiful! We are so glad your life was saved and you are moving on to a wonderful forever home. Purrs-

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  11. Bonita, you are well named! We are SO very happy you were rescued and that you have found your forever home. We wish you a long and happy and healthy life, filled with good food, comfy beds and blankets, warm laps, lots of scritches, toys and nip!

  12. Oh what a great story you have!!!

  13. she is so pretty, love stripey Meezsers!

  14. Good for you Bonita, good for you! Your story make my whiskers grin up!

  15. Bonita, that name suits you purrfectly because you are a beauty!! We are so happy that you were saved and now will have a furever home!! Ms. Bobbie is such a wonderful human for taking good care of you!!

  16. Bonita, you truly are beautiful, and I am so happy that you were saved! Mom Bobbie is a real nice catmom, and I know you will enjoy your time there before you go to your Forever home.

  17. Oh, Bonita, you are one lucky little girl! Good luck to you in your forever home when you get there!

  18. Yay Bonita! We LOVE Robin from Covered in Cat Hair. She is a kitty savior and has done so much to save so many lives!

  19. Hello Bonita, you are a pretty girl!

  20. It breaks our hearts to think there are high kill shelters ~ and we are so glad yoo were rescued. We will purr for those left inside.

  21. Bonita, I am glad you have a happy ending. Peace and purrs to you and the people who love you.


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