Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wordy Wednesday ~ Bob and Patrick

If you're short of trouble..get a goat.
Hi Boyz - I managed to get out while Mom was
getting Shorty in! Wasn't that great?!
Before I came here this year, I was an inside
outside cat, but no more. I was glad she let
me stay out for a while and have a bit of grass
with you and share your sunshine!

We're going in now and will tell your NOMSS friend,
Daisy The Curly Cat hello from you!
Happy Wednesday everyfur and everyone.
~ Jasmine


  1. Hello Bob and Patrick and Jasmine! It looks wonderful in the sunshine!

  2. Hi Bob, Patrick and Jasmine!! So glad to see you today!

  3. Jasmine, what a lucky kitty you are to have your own goats. Bob and Patrick look like pretty nice fellows.

    Happy Wednesday! Busby and Raymond

  4. Did you have fun in the suns?

  5. I bet it was fun to be outside--and being outside with Bob and Patrick must have been great fun!!!

  6. Great photos!!!!!

    We don't get to go out, but one of our grandbeans picks grass for us every day...she's so special....:)


  7. That looks like it was a fun walk ...

  8. We always love seeing Bob and Patrick!

  9. Jasmine, you is OUTSIDE! Is not safe der! Is safe fur goats, but not kitteh! I nefur meeted goats in furson. Be careful an get back inside soon! Purrs,

    Oh! Outside is scary. Are goats scary? They are sooo big! Please be careful! Purrs,

  10. Glad that you got to go outside for awhile and enjoy some of that nice waether. So glad you have an inside home. It's the greatest isn't it?

  11. Hi Bob! Hi Patrick! ::waves paw:: You boyz are looking good! I always enjoy seeing you two.

    Jasmine, thanks for visiting with the boyz!

  12. Goats? Do they purr? It's cool how you can make friends like that! And such a nice big yard to play in. LUCKY!

  13. How lucky you are to be able to go outside. We just couldn't resist peeking into your blog - with a title of Cats-Goats-Quotes.


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