Saturday, November 07, 2009

Photo Hunt ~ Veterans Day

We often take for granted the very things
that most deserve our gratitude.

-Cynthia Ozick-
In honor of Veterans Day
this is our Granddaddy-bean in 1942.

He served in France. We wonder if any of the men he
served with are still here. He is last on the right, next
to the visitor, The Phillip Morris man. Mom wishes he
had never started with those cigarettes, as they helped
take his life with emphysema and lung cancer in 1999.
Many of us Bunch knew him, even Bob and Patrick! He and
Mom looked at different goat farms to find just
the right goats for us. Mom misses him a very much.
We honor all our military and hold them in our
hearts and prayers.
~ The Bunch
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  1. Love that quote and isn't it true?!

    Wonderful pictures of your Grandfather!

  2. My grandfather was over in France right about then . . . but he also passed so I can't ask him

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Nice remembrances.

    I played too :)

  4. What a wonderful post, and tribute to your grandbean and all our veterans.......purrs and hugs.

  5. What a wonderful tribute to your Grandfather.

  6. Thanks to your Granddaddy-bean for his service!

  7. That is a very wise quote and a nice tribute to your Grandbean.

  8. What a beautiful post and tribute.
    My dad was a Marine in WWII and served on Iwo Jima. Now my brave stepson is also a US Marine.
    Semper Fi,
    Glogirly & Katie

  9. Nice tribute! Have a happy Sunday!

    Hey, i got a newborn cousin!

  10. What a wonderful tribute to all those who served. Our grandpa served too. We lost him in 2007. I think he just missed grandma too much to stay with us any longer.

  11. What a wonderful post and it is nice
    to see your Granddad given such a
    wonderful tribute for Veterans Day.
    My father served in WWII in Europe.


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