Saturday, October 03, 2009

Blessing of the Animals - 2009

God made all the creatures and gave them our love and our fear,
To give sign, we and they are His children, one family here.

-Robert Browning-
Adopted today!! Beagle from the Humane Society!
He has a great new forever home.

Benjamin, Shorty, Dr. John, Noah & Mom Bobbie

Dr. John, Noah, Mom Bobbie

So many animals, great and small

Thank you Conyers First United Methodist!
~ Noah, Shorty and Mom Bobbie


  1. WHat a wonderful Church and minister!

  2. I am so glad that beagle got a home. That is a great blessing!

  3. Yes.. animals are very much a blessing to us.. It gives life meaning.

  4. Great photos! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Thanks for posting the photos so quickly. It was fun--I enjoyed seeing all the animals and they all seemed to have fun!

  6. This must have been such a great event. :)

  7. What beautiful critters! And you had such a nice day for it.
    Father Don was doing the blessing Sunday at church but the day was rainy & overcast. Didn't go this year. One year I took our guinea pigs. Too cold for them. The kitties would be too frightened because there are usually lots of dogs there. (But I bring holy water home and bless them myself regularily, please don't think I'm strange.) I forgot to ask him how many showed due to the weather.


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