Monday, September 14, 2009

Mancat Monday ~ Napoleon and Malachi

God made all the creatures and gave them our love and our fear,
To give sign, we and they are His children, one family here.

-Robert Browning-
One of my very most favorite things to do is sit right
in front of the monitor. As you can see, sometimes
I leave a little room for Mom to see what she is doing.
She was checking an earlier post about Malachi...
Boy!! Does he ever run and run and run around!
Today we have Two Mancats..
Happy Mancat Monday everyfur!
~ Napoleon


  1. Isn't that where you are supposed to sit? Looks fine from where we sit...oh, why is momma always shoving us aside and sayin' that she can't see. We can see just fine☺

  2. Well how else are you to read the blogs around a human's big head?

  3. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Of course we are in front of the monitor. We can't see it otherwise!

  4. The better to read your blog. Two wonderful Mancats!

  5. A double dose of ManCats!!! Very nice!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  6. I do the same is always pushing me out of the way...she's so rude!


  7. Happy Mancat Monday, Furiends!

  8. Hi Handsome! You are looking very floofy today!


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