Sunday, September 20, 2009

Easy Like Sunday ~ Miss Emily

Sunday Morning comin' down
(and rain, too).
It has been raining here in our little town in Georgia
for days and days and days. Then some more days.
We love to listen to the rain and it helps the trees
and grass and flowers grow. Bob and Patrick, on
the other hand, do not like the rain at all.
The TV man that talks about weather said it
may stop next week. The Boyz hope so!
Happy Sunday to all our furiends..
~ Miss Emily


  1. You look like a big ball of whipped cream!!! Furry Floofalicious!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. Not much to do when it's raining...except to sleep! We hope the rain stops soon!!

  3. Hi sweet's going to rain here in Ohio too. I am ready for it - hunkered underneath a comforter.

  4. I wish we had rain storms like you do in Ga. I was born there and lived for 9 years. I remember loud thunder/lighting storms that made the electricity go out. I miss it. Las Vegas gets spit. Enjoy the cozy time.

  5. Moss Emily, you are so pretty! We know hoe the boys feel! We have had rain for days and days or weeks and weeks.

  6. We agree, you look as sweet as Cool Whip! But a lot more beautiful.

    Abby & Stygia

  7. I am sorry that Bob and Patrick don't like the rain and it is raining. I think I would hate it if I had to be out in it too!

  8. What a beautiful cat, it is nice to be inside when raining.

  9. We know what it is like when it rains and rains. We have had rain most of the summer for the last three years.We are happy now though because we have had a whole week without rain.

  10. We got rain yesterday, and I liked it a lot! It meant my mom stayed inside with me.

  11. My mom was in Georgia last week and it rained the whole time she was there!

  12. We hope you get some lovely sunshine rays to relax in, Miss Emily:)


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