Monday, August 10, 2009

Mancat Monday ~ Malachi the tester

Cat lovers can readily be identified.
Their clothes always look old and well used.
Their sheets look like bath towels and their bath
towels look like a collection of knitting mistakes.

-Eric Gurney-
I'm a Mancat as well as first tester for this
most excellent cat litter!
Reading the Cat Blogosphere some
time ago Mom saw an offer for a free bag of
Worlds Best Cat Litter.
Do click above to read all about it and see video!
Well, Mom emailed and said she sure would like to try
this to see if it really is The Best.
Sure enough, it is great litter. I checked it out before
use and Mom checked it out after use!
Some of my brofurs and sisfurs even wanted to taste it.
That was OK because it's purrfectly safe to eat!
Thank you Mr. Drew Schulthess. We all give it paws up!!
~ Malachi
Mr. Drew just posted in comments that he
would be glad to send any furamily a free bag of
World's Best Cat Litter
Just email him here:
You will LOVE it!
Thank you Mr. Drew!!


  1. We give that litter a big paws up, too! And I think we have the same litter box!

  2. WE gor our free bag and love it, too!

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  4. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Yay for Free Samples and happy cats and a happy Mom!

    We switched litter about 4 months ago based on a recommendation from a Vet. It is Dr. Elsey's Ultimate Litter and we love it and Mom loves it. It clumps beautifully and all the odor is gone, too since you remove all the ammonia, too. It is fabulous

  5. Very cute video, but I don't see how to get a free bag to try. Where? My cats want to try it. You guys are eating the clean litter right?

  6. We got a free bag and gave it a try...I wouldn't use it...Ernie did...but then again, he'd pee anywhere! Haha!

    Mom wished we liked it cuz it's dust free and more natural...


  7. We will have to try it. ~S,S & C

  8. Anyone else who reads "Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes" and would like to give World's Best Cat Litter™ let me know! I can be reached at We are always open to making some new friends and furriends. Thanks everyone for stopping by and reading Malachi's thoughts on the litter!

  9. I quite like it but the Woman is trying to get us all back to our breeze litter box... sigh

  10. Hmmm we'd has to fink bout tryin new litter. Da last time she did dat, we pooped outside of the box in our show of dislike. We is sure glad yoo took to it better than we do to litter changes.

  11. I may have to give that litter a whirl.

  12. Drew sent us some world's best cat litter 2 months ago, we've been using it ever since! It's fabulous! It works wonders for the foster kittens and is much safer than clay when it gets stuck to their furs!

  13. Oh goodness! We are going to give that a try! How much litter do you think we'll use with 10 of us?

    Luf, Us

  14. Hmmmmm, this may need investigating!

  15. We wish they sold it in Australia. When we became inside only cats mum did lots of research on boxes and tracking and odour control etc. She knew she was a cat lady when she got litter envy. MOL!

  16. I'll have to have mom check out that litter.

  17. Our dogs want to know how it tastes! :)

  18. Is it clumping litter? Being a multiple cat household, I don't think I would consider any other kind.


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