Thursday, July 09, 2009

Thankful Thursday - The Boyz

If you're short of trouble, get a goat.

We are so thankful that the fireworks and awful
noise has stopped, at least until New Years.
Mom let us stay in the basement all night!
We can relax in our yard..but can't reach any
more leaves on the tree. Hopefully they will
grow back in because they are yummy!
Hope everyfur has a nice day and the Beans, too!
~ Bob and Patrick


  1. The Woman would just love a goat--with or without the trouble part!

  2. Hi Bob! Hi Patrick! I'm very glad those loud noises are over for the year, too. I wasn't as scairt as I usually am but Harley spent the day and night running around with his eyes as big as saucers!

  3. I am all about goats. I think everyone should have a goat.

  4. You look comfy on the garden bench! We are sorry all the tasty leaves are out of your reach!

  5. Hi Bob and Patrick ::waves paws::
    You guys are soooo cute!

  6. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Gosh! It's Bob and Patrick! Hi, boys! We have missed you! It seems ages and ages since we saw you! Gandalf has spent most of the last few days under the coach because of fireworks, thunderboomies and having a new roof put on. It's been horrible for him! We are glad most of that is over, too!

  7. I think I'd like to have a goat as a brother or sister! We seem to still have a silly person in the neighborhood playing with those awful firecrackers.

  8. Those boomers are not any fun. I'm glad they won't be back for a while!


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