Sunday, January 25, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning ~ Napoleon

Keep yourself clean and bright.
You are the windows through which you must view the world.

We have had a pretty rough couple of days. After I got home from the vet, my eye started looking very bad. My third eyelid was up, and I would not eat. The vet said it could be Horner's Syndrome then changed it to an inner ear infection. They also cleaned my ears, which I really hate to have done!
We got some Baytril and some Meclizine for vertigo We think it may be Horner's because they had a very hard time stealing my bloods from my neck and had to go to my legs...and maybe did a little damage. We read Horner's does not hurt and I am not showing any sign of pain at all....just not eating.
Momma forced some food into my mouth, but it was not much. We asked on our favorite cat board for suggestions. Momma went this morning and got some Whiskas Pouch Duck and Chicken, baby food, tuna for beans, lunch meat and more stinky cat food. Well, the first thing I tried was the Whiskas and I ATE IT!!
My goodness, you would have thought Momma had just won a billion dollars..she had happy tears and was almost jumping..she knows she can't do that with RA!
So, things are Easy this Sunday Morning, and we sure are glad...
Momma was so happy she took my picture while I was washing my whiskers

Happy Sunday to every bean and every fur!
~ Napoleon
We like this editorial cartoon that we got in mail today!
Rex Babin's best interpretation of 'Miracle on the Hudson'


  1. Napoleon, we're glad you ate some food and made your mom happy! We hope your feeling better....

  2. Oh Napoleon! Those clumsy blood stealers! Did they change it to inner ear infection to hide their clumsyness? Poor fella. Very glad you ate some food though, a mancat must keep up his strengths! That's a fine lickin' shot there!

    Whicky Wuudler

  3. Napoleon, we are so happy to hear you ATE!!! Our mom said she can relate to the happiness your mom felt when she saw you eat!!
    We sure hope you start feeling better very soon.....eating is a very good start!

  4. Napoleon, Mommy knows from her days at the shelter that there was nothing better than Whiskas - she's sorry that they stopped making the regular old cans of it 'cause that was the stuff that sick kitties loved the most when heated up.
    We are glad you ate!

  5. That was really interesting! I did not know about Horner's Syndrome before. At our local shelter, a cat was just left at the front door in a box with no information. One of her pupils was much, much smaller than the other but she had no other symptoms. The vet thought she possibly had a head injury or maybe a tumor. Over a period of weeks, it gradually got better and then she was adopted. Napoleon, I am glad you are eating the Whiskas and I hope you get all better soon.

    Thanks for sharing that beautiful image, too!

  6. I am glad you got something to eat. I hope that you get better. Purrs.

  7. I am so relieved to hear you are eating, Napoleon!!

  8. Yes, Horners Syndrome is like that, can be from "pinching" a nerve in an area not even close to the eye. Here is a great link to info on it:

    You will get better, though sometimes it can take up to 8 weeks. Hang in there and enjoy the Whiskas Pouches.

    We liked the drawing too.

    the cats of furrydance and teri

  9. Napoleon, we are so glad that you are eating & we hope you feel better very soon!!

  10. We are so happy to hear that you are eating! We use the Whiskas pouches to entice some of our scaredy kittens out early on, because sometimes they want to hide instead. They love them some Whiskas!

    That is a wonderful drawing.

  11. I hope you and your eye get all sorted out and back to normal soon, Napoleon ol' buddy. I'm glad you got some extra special stinky goodness to whet your appetite!
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  12. So happy you ate some food beautiful. Now continue to eat and hope you're feeling better soon. (((hugses)))

  13. It's great to see another kitty getting better and EATING. Thank you for your well wishes. Mom said that she will have to buy some of the food for me since I still don't eat very well.

    Best wishes to you, Napoleon.


  14. We hope you get well really quickly and gets lots of stinky goodness.

    The frozen Ozark Mountain Cats..

  15. Baby food! We swear by it for sick, refusing to eat kitties. Buy the turkey or chicken kind and just give a little at a time. Even the sickest, saddest little putty-cat will eat it!

  16. Good boy, Napoleon! Try eating a little bit more every day and pretty soon you will feel much better. Trust your Mom, she knows what is best for you.

  17. Hi Bobbie and Bunch! Wondering if Napoleon is all better? Our Ferris has now developed the raised third eyelids bilaterally, but acts normal otherwise. Guess he may be making a little trip to the V-E-T next week if it is no better. Hopefully his is just Horner's Syndrome too.
    Hope you are all doing well!
    The Creek Cats


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