Saturday, December 27, 2008

Photo Hunt ~ Squeaky

A woman's final decision is not necessarily
the one she makes later.
When the lady next door started feeding me, she told Momma just
in case I visited. She said my name was Squeaky because I have a
cute squeaky voice. Well, the other cats ran me off from next
door and I decided to stay here. Just what my Momma needs,
another kittycat. She thinks I have a beautiful voice and said
she would call me Little Fella. As you know, a woman's final
decision is not necessarily the one she makes later, so my name
is now Malachi. She found out that this is her great-great-
great grandaddy's name. Malachi Madison. That's Me!!
No more squeaky or Little Fella, Just call me Malachi.
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~ Malachi

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  1. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Malachi is a very fine name, and it suits you quite well! We bet every once in a while you may still hear Little Fella as an endearing nickname.

    Just this morning, Mom called Gandalf one of his endearing nicknames - Such a Brat!

  2. We like the name Malachi, us cats are very good at not revealing our true names. So the beans just have to keep trying till the get it right. We thinks Malachi is it.

    We all have nicknames
    Scylla - Kitty Cow (they actually call me that more then Scylla now).
    Socks -Kitty & Sockie -Pooh
    Charybdis - I don't have a nickname of my very own. I am one of "the girls" &"the monsters"

    S, S & C

  3. Malachi, you have a good name. And a good home!

  4. Malachi suits you very well!

  5. My name was almost Tiger or Boots! Of course in the end I was Fin, but a lot of humans think I am a boy.

  6. I really like your name Malachi :) Thank you for stopping by!

  7. From Squeaky to Malachi -- sounds like you went from cute to distinguished! ;b

  8. Hi Malachi! We like your new name!

  9. That's a fine name in fact. Very unique. :)

  10. Hehe... Cool story to go along with such a fine name for an upstanding cat. Nevermind that he's squeaky hehe :)

    Merry Christmas! :)

  11. Malachi is a terrific name.

  12. How sweet! Both great names for a pretty kitty!

    My Squeaky photo is up!

  13. Anonymous12:16 PM

    One of ours has a very small squeak but she also has a very loud silent shout...

  14. Malachi... what an elegant name. Although Squeaky would be a great name too.

    Hope you can come over to my blog for my squeaky photo and some great giveaways!

  15. Anonymous1:35 PM

    I think Malachi fits him better than Squeaky! Have a happy new year.

  16. Anonymous2:41 PM

    He looks a lot like my Hemmingway, who got his name because he is a polydactyl. Anyway, great choice for the theme, especially with the story to explain.

  17. do have a lot of cats!! I'm glad that Malachi got adopted too! Congratulations!! You are a very nice person:)

  18. Anonymous5:20 PM

    He deserves a much better name than squeaky. Malachi is much more dignified and deserving of such a nice fellow. Thanks for stopping by.

  19. Hi Malachi do you have a full mustache? You are very pretty and I am glad you have a permanent home now.

  20. He's a very handsome cat. He seems very lucky to have found you.
    Happy New Year!

  21. A theme made to order! You look like a very nice cat...

  22. Pretty cool to be name Squeaky :P

  23. Very cute. Malachi is a fine name. I like Squeaky, too. I'm glad you liked my squeaky rabbit.

  24. Such a handsome Malachi (formerly known as Squeaky) you are!

  25. Malachi, that is a perfect name for a grand mancat such as yourself!

    Happy New Year to you all!

    Whicky Wuudler

  26. Well, hello, Malachi. You sure are too handsome to call Squeaky, so we're glad you have a new name. And a home.

  27. Malachi it is wonderful to meet you!

  28. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Ohh Malachi is a wonderful name and it suits you very much!!!
    I am so pleased to meet you Malachi! :) .. I just like saying it! :)


  29. We like the name Malachi, it suits you well. Your a very handsome lil guy.

  30. WOW... Lots of cats here. Thanks for the visit last week, didn't manage to pay you a visit until now. Happy new year!



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