Wednesday, November 12, 2008

White Wednesday ~ Miss Emily

I'd rather sit on a pumpkin and
have it all to myself, than to be
crowded on a velvet cushion.
Oh hai..
A girl just can not catch a wink around here
without that Flashy Box.
We want to thank every one for asking about
Bandit and Maggie Mae.
Both of them are pretty stabilized and feeling better!
I asked Momma to post this great lol cat!
funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals
Isn't it wonderful?
Thank you, Firefighters!!
~ Miss Emily


  1. Miss look so cozy there...we wanna come join you!

    pee ess. that's a great LOL cat!

  2. We are so glad to hear that Maggie Mae and Bandit are doing better. We will purr and purray that they continue to get better everyday!
    ~The Creek Cats and Maggie May~

  3. Miss Emily, you are wonderously floofy!

    Great news that Bandit and Maggie Mae are feeling better.

  4. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Miss Emily, what a luxuriously floofy tail you have! Do you actually have your own pumpkin?

  5. Miss Emily you are one white dream of a cat. Beautiful.

    Happy to read Bandit and Maggie Mae are doing ok.

    Yay for firefighters!

  6. I'm glad to hear that Bandit and Maggie Mae are feeling better. That's one of my favorite LOLcats!

  7. Anonymous1:42 PM

    thats a great saying I about the velevt cushion!!
    I think that is the bestest LOL cat I have seens, coz he is cute but also because people DO forget abotu our everyday heroes...
    Momma does not understand for the life of her how a person who plays in movies can earn more than our emergency service workers who risk their lives each and every day...
    And no boddie really cares...
    Oh well that's society nowdays ...
    Thank you for this post!! :)


  8. That is such a cute photo of the every day heroes. Now, watching you sleep, I need to go nap..

  9. Dat is great bout Bandit and Maggie Mae!

    Miss Emily yoo look wunderful!

  10. hurrah! glad everyone is doing well!

  11. We owe thanks to all our public servants that put there life on the line every day to protect and serve, nice photo.

  12. All that fluffy white is just so pretty, Emily. I'm glad your brofur and sisfur are stabilized and feeling better.

  13. What a great nap you're having...except for the interruptions of course!
    Nice lol cat!


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