Friday, November 28, 2008

(Still) Feral Friday

A little Consideration,
a little Thought for Others,
makes all the difference.

-Winnie The Pooh-
This little fella was supposed to live with the neighbor. They started feeding him and another cat, but the other cat and the cats that live there fight him. Both of them are feral and this one wants to eat on our deck where it is a little bit safe, until the other cat comes up there.
We are saving our green papers to have him ::shudder:: neutered, and may can invite him in. There are so many of us that need special care, a diabetic, a CRF, two UTI's, and Bandit, it is hard to imagine taking in another. Right now Anna Sue slams herself against the door when he is standing there, and some of us growl and hiss at him.
When Momma fed him last night, there was a possum in his bed. It was cute, but it also eats his food. We did not know a possum could get on the two story deck, as there are no steps, just a thin ledge, about a half brick wide.
Momma calls this pretty cat Little Fella. When she can, she will trap him and take him to the VET for shots and you-know-what.

~ The Bunch

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  1. Oh yes! Must get him fixed! This is important! We need to trap Orange #2 and get him fixed since he is coming around more often. Little Fella is a cutie-pie! We think possums can climb up on stuff with no problem. We have a possum that comes here to eat all the time too.

    Luf, Us

  2. Gosh, he's a beauty! Mom has a weakness for white kitties with orange markings since she used to have one.

    Best wishes with getting him neutered.

  3. He is very handsome! I think he reminds me a little of Rocky at Artsy Catsy.

  4. He is handsome and is lucky to have you.

  5. He is soo handsome and we hopes yoo can help him out by gettin him his hoo ha hectomy...


  6. Hello Fella, you have come upon a house full of good cats and good people. Nice fella there, landing on his lucky paws.

    Whicky Wuudler

  7. We hope your mom can catch him and take him to the v-e-t for you know what...that's what's most important...even if you guys don't want him living with you...but we hope you will let him live with you...he's got such a cute face...

  8. Yer mom has a big heart and we lubs dat about her and yoo guys! The mom says sumtimes there is always room fer one more and if not perhaps try and gets him a furever home (she did dat wif da 3 kittens before, member?).

  9. That would be a hard face to say no to! He is adorable!

  10. Are you going for an even dozen?? Hehehe He sure is a cutie and I bet very sweet from the looks of it. Thanks for helping the little fellow and making sure he doesn't make more little fellas.

  11. Anonymous4:28 AM

    Oh he is such a cute little tyke :)
    he shouldn;t be living outside with his little pink nose, he could get skin cancers :((
    Poor little guy


  12. Good luck with this little guy! I've had to trap a feral one at my house...quite an experience, I must say. Keep us posted.


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