Friday, October 03, 2008

My Blessed Photo ~ Noah

Count your many blessings,
name them one by one.
Remember when I posted about Momma taking me
to the Animal Blessing by Dr. John?
You would think Momma would put her glasses on so
she could see and not squint those eyes!
Well, Dr. John and I looked pretty good.
Thank you, Island Cats for this neat award!!
I wonder if I can use it at my vet?
The Island Cats
We would like to thank everyone for you
good wishes, purrs, and prayers for
my brofur Bandit and my sisfur Maggie Mae
and the good thoughts and suggestions!!
~ Noah


  1. Oh my! Dr. John has on SHORTS! How cool is that?

    Luf, Us

  2. That's a really special photo!

  3. OMC's yoo really is bigger then we thought Noah! Yoo is MY size!!

    ~ Shadow ~

  4. What a wonderful photo/memory.
    Beautiful kitty cat!!!


  5. That is so sweet! Love the picture ...

  6. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Awww. That is very sweet. Noah is a big boy!

  7. That is a wonderful photo.

  8. That is a lovely photo. You are a big boy Noah. You look about the same size as me. I was 20lbs when mum weighed me on Wednesday.

  9. Hi

    I only just read your post about diabetes. Did you know that I am a diabetic kitty? The place you need is the Feline Diabetes Message Board (just google it) - the people there know EVERYTHING about feline diabetes. The most important thing is to take the diabetic kitty off dry food (even the so called "diabetic dry food" that vets try to peddle) and just use a high protein, low-carb wet food (Fancy Feast is fine, in the UK they recommend Butchers Classic which is what I eat.) Lots of other brands have added sugars if you look on the ingredients. also wet food in jelly is better for diabetics than wet food in gravy because cat gravy has sugars in it. When I was diagnosed my blood sugar was 28 (UK measurement, that's about 300 in American) - as soon as I stopped eating dry food it dropped to normal levels within 2 weeks. After a month I was able to come off insulin and have been diet-controlled for a year. Honestly, it works! But you need to learn to test blood sugar with a glucometer so you know if the kitty needs insulin that day or not. It's easy and there is lots of advice on the FD message board. Please contact my mum if you want to know more.

    Fat Eric

  10. I am thinking about Bandit and Maggie May and I will purr for them.

    That is nice that Dr. John blessed you, you look very nice in that photo.

  11. A Visa award, how cool! A blessing from Dr. John, wow!

  12. Anonymous10:14 PM

    I'm all for blessings, but God has already given you cathood. What greater blessing in all creation?


  13. Being blessed is so cool!

  14. So many beautiful kitties you have! What a wonderful think to have your pet "blessed"! ~ Purrs, Whispurr~

  15. It is such a lovely idea to have the furry family members blessed.

    We are purring for Maggie Mae and Bandit.

    -Fui, Suey and Evie.


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