Monday, October 13, 2008

Mancat Monday - Timothy

There can be no rainbows without first the storm

It is my duty to sit on these plastic drawers and dictate what Momma is typing, especially when it is about ME!
It is nice and cool here in Georgia today. Our basement is drying out and no more rain is expected for a while. We sure did appreciate it last week!
My sisfur Maggie Mae is doing all right so far with her special diabetic food and her shots. She goes back to vet Wednesday for a blood sugar check. Momma does not like sticking her or Napoleon for his fluids, but we are all thankful that there are medicines and veterinarians that can help us all have longer, healthier lives. Momma's purse has some owies, but she will do anything, as long as she can to help us be better.
My brofur Noah and I both eat special UTI food. We rather have something else, but this is for our own good.
Bandit is a little bit better. He has been eating pumpkin and it has helped him more than anything else we have tried in the past year! We may be getting another kind of medicine this week from the vet for him. (Remember Momma's purse owie :-)
We hope every bean and every fur has a great week!



  1. Timothy, you are doing your duty real good there!

  2. Timothy, we are purring that everyone gets a good report from the vet.~S,S & C

  3. Timothy, you have a very wonderful and caring momma. We are purring for all of you!
    ~The Creek Cats~

  4. ohhh i like pumpkin!

    smiles, auntie bee

  5. You are doing a fine job up htere. I am glad that everyone in your family is doing pretty well (in spite of the sticks..)

  6. What a fine specimen of a mancat you are Timothy! You are all so lucky to have such a wonderful and caring mom to keep such good watch and care of you and your siblings.

  7. ooohh... sooo precious!:)

  8. Timothy, how do you stay so alert and so handsome at the same time?!

    We are purring for great vet reports!

  9. We are going to keep our fingers crossed that everyone gets a good report from the vet!

  10. You're a good snoopervisor, Timothy! And look at that lion-y mane. Wow.

    Hope all goes well at the vet!

  11. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Great job snoopervising, Timothy! We have never tried to eat pumpkin, but our Mom and Nana sure love pumpkin pie!

  12. You look very professional. We hope you are well paid for your help.

  13. Good job supervising! Best wishes to Maggie Mae. Diabetes is very challenging with kitties, we know how it is since we went through it with our Maxfield.


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