Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday with Bandit

Some people care too much, I think it's called love.
-Winnie The Pooh-

I went on the deck with Momma. She thought she would have to hold on to me, but I did not feel like running. I want to get well, but everything we have tried has not worked.
We would like any suggestions you have for my bad pooping diarrhea. I was once a big boy, but have lost so much weight. If you know of special food or medicine you have tried and even 'old wives tales', you can leave it in comments. Our VET is trying to help, but so far nothing has helped.

We send our condolences to Tiki's family. We were so sorry to hear he had to leave for The Bridge. There were many Angels waiting to greet him there.

~ Bandit



  1. Boiled rice and hamburger or yogurt? A low fat diet perhaps? Woofie Jake has to has low fat or he gets bad poops too!

  2. I wish I knew of a good trick to get Bandit eating and healthy again. We are having a similar situation here at our house with Cal. He has lost weight and losing fur on his face and we've had blood work done and still no diagnosis. We have tried almost every food available, he might eat it one day, but not the next. I have heard Gerber stage 2 baby food with meat and no onions is good for anorexic cats. Also one or two teaspoons of pure canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling) is good for bad poops, it is also loaded with vitamins. We are going back to Innova Evo dry today to see if we can't get Cal healthy again. If I think of anything else I will pass it along to you! Best of luck to Bandit....we want so much to see you happy and healthy!! Purrs ~The Creek Cats and the Mommy~

  3. P.S. Nutri-cal is a great high-calorie supplement this provides energy to cats that won't eat. I have used this many many times.

  4. Momma talking
    Thanks for the suggestions so far! We find that pumpkin helps firm him up. He eats yogurt, too. Also bread. His appetite is great. He will eat just about anything put in front of him.
    He would not eat pancreatic enzymes at all (mixed in food).
    We hope Cal gets better soon and will try boiled rice and hamburger as Woofie Jake suggested!
    Momma Bobbie

  5. Could you ask your vet about probiotics? Lots of people on the lymphoma boards use them for the cats when they have tummy probs going through chemo. If Bandit is getting any antie biotics for anything it might have killed off his good bacterias.

  6. Bandit, we're sorry you aren't feeling well. Mom wants to know if Bandit was checked for IBD and pancreatitis...she assumes your vet would have checked for these things since symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea. She says others have given you some good suggestions. If she thinks of any others, she will let you know.

    Wally & Ernie

  7. No vomiting at all. Never has. Has been checked for IBD. Not on any medicine now. Have given him 'diarsanyl' which helped a little, but instructions are use three days..and he has been on FortiFlora. He is always hungry, so I am feeding him as much as he wants. Also feeding him a little bit of bread (he loves it, and if it will bulk him up, I'm going for it) as I heard that is good for children with same problem.
    Thank you so much for suggestions!

    She is stealing our blog!
    ~The Bunch

  8. Bandit, I'm so sorry you've been losing weight. We were going to mention pumpkin but someone already did. We eat Instinct Stinky Goodness or their raw medallions and my vet says it tends to plump kitties up (because I gained weight on it).

    Sending you get well wishes!

  9. Thank you so much for stopping by Meggie's Stuff and your kind words about my Casper. I'm sorry that your Bandit is ill. It's so frustrating when they are hungry all the time and still lose weight. I'm reading with much interest the comments to your post so I will be more informed when my next kitty gets sick.

  10. Oh, Bandit, I am sorry you are still not gaining weight. I was also going to suggest some canned pumpkin. Could you have a food allergy? You could try an exclusion diet. Sometimes canned food of venison or duck or some other grain-free meats that you have not tried before could work if it is a food allergy.

  11. I am so sorry Bandit you are not well, I can't think of how to help-sorry.

  12. Mommy Bean here - Just a thought did they test Bandit for coccidia? Usually its only the young animals that get that but older ones do too. Usually its treated with a weeks worth of antibiotics.

  13. We just learned of your sickenss Bandit and we are so sorry to hear of it. We notice that this post about you is a little bit old and we hope this finds you feeling better and gaining some weight.

    Meowm put me on acidophilus w/probiotics when she borught me home and that seemed to help my tummy a bit. She had to get capsules and open them up and put them in my food or grind up part of a tablet.

    We don't have any other suggestions but we sure will purr and purr for you!

    Orion and Junior


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