Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

Way down deep we are all motivated by the same urges,
cats have the courage to live by them

-Jim Davis-
How is everyfur today?
Momma has been feeling bad.
I've been singing to her and she is better now!
Happy Wednesday to everyfur and bean!
~ KittyBoy


  1. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Wow. That is a most excellent yawn!

  2. I'm quite sure your singing made her feel much better!

  3. Great job on making your mommy feel better!

  4. Kittyboy...with a face like yours, how could your mom not feel better???

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  5. How could she not get better if you sang to her?! What a lucky person.

  6. We bet you got a lovely singing voice.

  7. HI KittyBoy! I's feelin GRATE. Nina an I snuggled Mom all nite an played chase an she only whapped me a couple times. She says I's nosy.

    Mine eye's feelin lots better ::blink, blink, squint:: but Mom's still puttin dat nasty goop in it. Hope yur momma's all better soon! More fur an purr therapy!
    ~ Victor "sQuint" Tabbycat

  8. Singing almost always helps!

  9. Dids yoo sing "a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down"? The mom sings that when the bean kids dont likes their medicines.

  10. hello! what a cute photo!

    Pee Ess, the voting has just beguned, I am Cat #4


  11. I bet you have a beautiful voice Kittyboy!

  12. Hey Kittyboy!!! I'm glad your singing helped your Mom feel better!!!!
    Looks like you can hold the note too ;)
    Purrs Mickey

  13. Our momma feels all better now too! What a cute mug!

  14. Singing is furry good medicines!

    P.S. - fanks fer joining us in our celebration yesterday!

  15. Oh, Kitty Boy, Mommy says that she can hear your beautiful singing. What a wonderful way to make your Mommy feel better!!!

  16. That is so cute!!
    Hey, I was just reading your comment about the kittens with white mittens...can we use "kittenswithmittens" as the new kittens blog name? I realize you aren't the first person to say the phrase, but though I would be courteous..

  17. You have very long whiskers! I'll bet your singing is making your momma feel better - I hope she gets well soon!

  18. Excellllent quote!

    I hope your mom feels better by now. Lots of summer bugs going around. Tell mom to drink a lot of good fluids like juice and tea, and get enough sleep.
    Blizzie is also dragging at college and mom is worried.
    Take good care for your mom!

    love and purrs

  19. I am glad your singing had a comforting outcome.

    What did you sing? Opera? Jazz? Ska?

    I should try that.

    Purrs Goldie

  20. i'm sorry your mommy isn't feeling well. we will purr for her to feel all well soon. how can she not with your cute face and singing?

  21. Kitty Boy - Who could resist getting better with you singing for them??? You look like you're putting your heart and soul into it! Hope you Mom feels better real soon.
    :o) Thomas, Phoebe and Trixie

  22. Bet that sounds a lot better than when my OTW sings to me. I have to holler at her when she does that. I'm glad your Momma's feeling better.

    Thank you for your birthday wishes. Sadly, no late presents. My OTW just said "Look at all the toys on that table in the first picture. All those toys are in your toy box on the floor that you can dig in any time you want. You don't need any more toys!" Hmpf.

    We're gonna have a GRAND House-Trashin' Party in a couple weeks, to punish her for this, and for going away AGAIN, maybe twice! Details soon. I hope you all come!


  23. This photo reminds me of Reggie - always talking to me. :)


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