Saturday, July 12, 2008

Photo Hunt ~ Support

Have you ever observed a humming-bird moving about in an aerial dance
among the flowers - a living prismatic gem.... it is a creature of such
fairy-like loveliness as to mock all description.

-W.H. Hudson-
The theme for Photo Hunt this week is
A big old white bracket supports our humming bird feeder.
This is the best feeder we have, and can't find another like it.
Biggify to see the bird just lighting on lower right!

Fly over to TNChicks and see what other Photo Hunters
found as 'support' for this week. Join us, it's fun!


  1. we have the same thing in our balcony :)

    here's my type of support

  2. Oh wow, I see the hummingbird! I see him!

    I wonder why no hummingbirds live near me?

  3. I have some hummingbirds around here. You're supporting the hummingbirds by providing food. ;-) Thanks for the visit.

  4. They are beautiful creatures. Ms. C loves to watch them, although I have not encountered one in person yet. She says it is neat to hear their wings, and neat when they stop to land on a feeder!

  5. What a coincidence! My mom & dad just saw three of them outside!

  6. I like the feeder better... and what feeds from it!

  7. We love hummingbirds! We have a feeder right by our window and we sit and watch for hummingbirds all day!

    Great photo!

  8. Anonymous8:56 PM

    I haven't seen a hummingbird since I was a little girl in California. :)

  9. ::Hello there Mr. Humming Bird!::

    We can't believe that you got such a great picture of him!

  10. Anonymous10:32 AM

    great photo, well captured!
    thanks for visiting mine :-)

  11. Wow! I can only imagine the joy of having humming birds visiting. Beautiful!

  12. Anonymous3:31 AM

    Great take on the photo hunt theme. A real cute picture! :) Like it a lot!

  13. Why do you call the humming bird feeder just that? I.e., does it really only attract humming birds as opposed to birds in general? Either way, it's pretty cool! :)


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