Sunday, July 06, 2008

Lonely on Sunday Morning ~ BabyCats

You cannot do a kindness too soon because
you never know how soon it will be too late.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

The sweet little BabyCats left yesterday for their third home on the way to an eventual forever home. I miss them so much already. What a joy kittens are! There are so many in pounds and shelters, my heart hurts for them all.

Good luck my precious ones. May good luck follow you the rest of your lives, and may you find the purrfect forever homes.

To follow their progress, they are now at LISA'S house in Alabama, and discovering new toys!
~ The Mom


  1. Oh The Mom! Our heart is withs you! We knows you did the bestest for da BabyCats and knowing this, you are one of the good beans out there!

    Headbutts and purrs from 3 formally feral kittys!

    TT, Molly & Shadow

    Da Mommy Bean is still works on Fatty!

  2. Oh such sweet little babies. Purrs.

  3. Wow, that one little kitten looks like me from the side. I hope they are all as lucky as I was. Your quote was so appropriate!
    Bless you for having such a kind heart!

  4. The kitten in the top photo upper left has beautiful classic tabby markings! I am so happy they got such a good start with you and are on their way to a happy life.

    You are so right about the shelters being filled with beautiful kittens.

  5. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Uh, oh! We saw a tiny spot 13! hehehe.

    These are some lucky kitties, and we wish them all the best for a happy forever home!

  6. Kittens are just the sweetest! I hope they find the bestest forever home ever!

  7. They are sooo cute! I love kittens and miss my kitty in the US so much! Fortunately he has a good caretaker while we are away.

  8. So cute! We are purring very hard that they find a forever home very soon.


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