Sunday, June 29, 2008

Easy like Sunday Morning ~ Timothy

The world is like a fruit cake -
It would not be complete without a few nuts

Oh, did you say you want to make the bed?
You mean now? Like, I need to get up?
Gee, Hooman Beans are so strange!
Here's a good Bean..Lisa over at
No Jumping From The Bridge
She is helping The Elephant Sanctuary and Tigers for Tomorrow
with some ebay auctions. There's some kitty cat items!!

~ Timothy


  1. No, Timothy, tha hooman beans jus wanted to know if you's ready to get up or not. Go back to sleep, it's Sunday....
    Purrs, KC

  2. I see nothing wrong with that bed. You look perfectly comfy.

  3. I know your mom would not make the bed if you are using it!

  4. Beins are furry strange...our mom stopped making da bed cuz we all like it messy.

  5. That's a great quote!

    I don't think beds should ever be made!

  6. Dear Timothy,
    You should be allowed to stay right where you are 'till you feel like moving!
    I admire your handsome floof!

  7. Making the bed? Beans can have very strange ideas!

  8. i hope you stayed put and made them wait for you to finish your nap!

  9. Anonymous2:12 PM

    She couldn't mean NOW, because clearly you are using it!

  10. What a gorgeous picture of you Timothy!!! As for making the bed.... well, you were there first and should be allowed to stay. She can get her chores done at a more convenient time.

  11. Quite right too - the nut thing that is! I hope you didn't get turfed off the bed, it look just perfect with you on it:) xxx

  12. Now how cute is that?

    Luf, Us


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