Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mancat Noah and Turtle

Turtles are cynics, they always expect the worst.
I dunno, cos it often happens to them I suppose.
-Terry Pratchett-

We still have Turtle. He does not like the aquarium.
He hides under the grass and hay.
Mom went outside and got him two worms, then she put them back outside. She does not like to see anything get hurt, and that would have hurt the worms.
Turtle has not eaten that we know of. We have put many things in for him to eat. Maybe we can find a re-hab place that can care for him. You can see some of his damage in the pictures.
We are still looking for suggestions on his care.

We continue to pray for Zoey's safe return!

~ Noah


  1. Poor Turtle. I don't really have any advice for you, but I hope you find him help soon!

  2. I was looking at some images, and he does look a lot like the pictures of Eastern Box Turtles. Here is what I read about what you can feed them:

    "The turtles do fine on a diet of earthworms, bananas (feed rarely), dog food (chicken) and cockroaches which sneak down from the greenhouse on the roof. Hard boiled eggs (shell and all) are also good. I place the food in front of each turtle individually to avoid fights. They are fed 3 times a week. Despite what you read, a turtle that does not eat for more than one week is in trouble, and you probably should release it if the weather is still warm enough to do so."

    You are so kind to look out for the turtle, and I hope he does well.

  3. Thank you, Daisy!
    We have written several re-hab folks, with no answer. There are probably not many people willing to take a turtle for life. A lot of the articles mention they should be put in ones will because they live so long.

    We'd love to release him but are so afraid to after reading that they will certainly die if not released in their home area. That is impossible, as we don't know where the dogs found him...and they'd find him again.

    We are sad today, because he won't/has not eaten. We put some brown bread soaked in milk, a grape halved and a bit of banana.
    We did put him in a long shallow bowl of sorta warm water and he got some of the debris out of his leg and head areas. He seemed to like that! Maybe he took a sip of water while there! His worse wound looks healed, no blood at all.

    We will try the dog food and boiled eggs, not sure about the roaches. Mom is a scaredy cat.

  4. We hope he feels better soon.


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