Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Auction for Laura ~ Just Loafin'

Sticky Post Auction for our furiends that were in a fire
Note new ending date for pin - Wednesday 16, 12:00 Noon EST
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~ Just loafin' around ~

Auction for Lilly Lu, Mu Shue and Iris
All this kitty-cat wants to do is lie in a loafer and loaf!
Cute little pin is silvertone, fashion jewelry.

All proceeds will go to Mom Laura.

To bid on this pin, leave your amount in comments.
Auction ends Wednesday, April 16, 12:00 Noon EST

Winner will be notified through your blog or leave an email addy. Free shipping if in US!

Payment will be made at the *DONATE* button, top right of this blog, or by check.
Fanks for your support!


  1. I will open bidding at $5

  2. I will bid 6 green fings...we can all git Momma's purse open...


  3. Our mom's birthday is this Saturday. We want to get this for her and help Lady Laura and her cat family. We will give $10 for it. Our mom's e-mail is

    Thanks, Tyler and Sibs

  4. Thank you for visiting the Pink Flamingo. "Bubbles" would reply but she is napping.

    The Pink Flamingo

  5. we will bid 12 green papers! mom refers to us as lazy loafer alla time!!

  6. okey-dokey--we has strong-pawed mom into paypalling the green papers for this--she is "olrebbie". thank you for allowing us this opportunity to help LL, MS, I, and ML!!


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