Saturday, February 09, 2008

Photo Hunters ~ Heavy

~ A brook would loose it's song if God removed the rocks ~

Napoleon here~

Photo Hunters this week is HEAVY.
That is what I was before I got CRF and lost three pounds.

I'm such a good cat, I still let the little cats push me almost off the cushion!

I still get fluids and am doing well.
Mom still does not like the needle, but if it makes me feel better, she said she'd keep on helping me live a better life.

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  1. Oh, how cute!! Napoleon, you're not fat, you're fluffy :) Glad to hear you're doing better.

    My entry is up over at Flo's Place.

  2. Aww aren't you a big handsome furry fellow! Have a restful weekend, hopefully with more of the cushion!

  3. Napoleon, you are a very good cat! I am glad you are doing well.

    Tell Bob and Patrick I said Hello!

  4. Hi napoleon, you are a cute ..fat cat..I am sorry you feel bad with CRF..keep getting your fluids....

  5. You look like a great heavy cat Napoleon! And floofy too.

  6. How great you are doing so well. Isn't is wonderful what our Mom's can do when it comes to making our life better?

  7. Anonymous12:03 AM

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  8. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Awww, how cute are you?!!! I don't think you are heavy, I think you are purrrfect!

  9. Anonymous12:08 AM

    Great photo and doing well. Have a good weekend.

  10. Napoleon, it is good of you to take your fluids. You are a wonderful floofy fluffy Mancat. :)

  11. Napoleon - don't slip off of that cushion!

  12. You're not too heavy for your build! I'm glad you're better.

  13. Anonymous9:33 PM

    He's lost 3 lbs. Wow. Good job. He's adorable.

  14. Napolean.. tanks fur vizitin' Delilah when she waz so furry sick, here iz a message frum her:
    Thank you so much for visiting while I was so very ill. Mommy thinks I almost died Friday night, so I am rebounding quickly. Mommy now believes I might be allergic to a wasp sting. It was nice to hear that all the kitties of the blogosphere were purring & praying. It helped me to have heart, and my mommy was so appreciative for all of the love.
    We hope you will join us for Dr Tweety's Valentine's ruise. More details will be posted later.
    Many blessings,


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