Monday, September 10, 2007

Mancat Monday ~ Timothy

~ In a cats eye, all things belong to cats ~
(including camera straps!)
What a great weekend we had with Lisa!
She came all the way over from Alabama to visit.
She took videos of our Humming Birds, and
The Boyz had to get in on the action, too.
You can see pictures and videos over at her blog
No Jumping From The Bridge

Thanks for coming to see us, Lisa!!
~ Timothy

We just found out that Bandit is the
Tuxedo Gang Hideout Member of the Day!!


  1. Hi Timothy, it sure nice to see you and all da kitties again. That's a gurreat Mancat pose...very alluring. And that claw sure add to da manly touch!


  2. That is a great photo of you, Timothy! Camera straps are lots of fun to attack. :) Nice job nabbing it with your claw!

  3. Hello handsome! I enjoyed my visit with you kitties and your goat brothers and your mom. Be a good boy!

  4. Camera straps are one of the most fun things to play with!


  5. Timothy

    That is a furry handsome pixchur of you. I like to play with camera straps too...especially when Momma gets to close with that flashy thing.


  6. Timothy, you did a great job catching the camera strap! I see you got it by one single clawr.

    I was soooo excited to see the video of Bob and Patrick. This makes me love them even more. Timothy, will you tell Bob and Patrick that they looked like movie stars!? Thanks.

  7. I will tell them, Daisy! They are enjoying being your NOMSS friends!

    ~ Timothy

  8. Great ManCat pose Timothy! You are a cutie!
    Your FL furiends,
    Sam & Tigger

    PS: Could you please tell Bandit, Congratulations, he is the Tuxedo Gang Hideout Member of the Day!!
    Sam & Tuxedo Gang Staff

  9. Oh wow! Sure will let Bandit know!
    ~ Timothy

  10. Hi Timothy! You've got great reflexes there, buddy. Good job gettin' the camera strap!
    Your new buddy, Jimmy Joe

  11. Oh yeah. Efurryting in da werld belongs to cats. 'Nuf sed.

    Luf, Us

  12. OH we LOVE that quote! It's on a photo greeting card Mosaic Lady made of Darling Milo, the Ginger. Maybe we'll post it soon.
    Such a great blog!

  13. excellent quote and those camera straps are so irresistable. Grab it

    We are going to go check out Bandit!
    Super cool

  14. Oh, camara straps are fun! We're gonna go see da videos now....

  15. Goods man cat pose, I likes when kittys shows claws.

  16. Yayyy! Aren't camera straps da funnest?

  17. Yep - ALL camera straps belong to cats!

  18. How manly you look, Timothy!

    Congrats to Bandit - I went and looked!


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