Monday, July 09, 2007

Mancat Monday ~ Timothy

~ A Cat is natures' beauty ~

Hello, Timothy here!
Just chilling on the kitchen counter..sssshhh...

I'm going over to Kimo and Sabi's place to enter a contest!

Looks like fun, except my Mom is not very good at math. We'll just make a wild guess and hope to win!

If you go over to play, check out their cool stroller!


  1. Lovely photo Timothy. You have such gorgeous fur. :)

  2. Timothy, that is one fine mane of fur you have! Very impressive and manly, too.

  3. Oh oh, Sadie started breething hard when she saw yoor mane...nice and manly! Even Zippy is impressed, and she's hard to impress...

  4. Hi Timothy, I love your photo - you are definately a choice for Mancat Monday. I loves your long furs.

    Thanks for telling me about Kimo & Sabi's contest, I'm going to head right over there.

  5. You have a very impressive mancat mane, Timothy. I won't tell anyone you were on the kitchen counter. Actually, I don't think math will help you very much in that contest. There are too many unknown variables. A wild guess is just as likely to win, in my opinion.

  6. Anonymous5:32 PM

    whoa - an i thot i hadda fluffy nek! how duz ya get all that fur ta grow so long? yur WAY hansum!

  7. Timothy you look like a lion! wowie, but a gentle one, like Aslan or something.
    Your tail is stupendous!

  8. Wowy Timothy! You gots some furry manly chest furs!

  9. Timothy, you are so beautiful~!
    I love your fur, must be very good to hug.

  10. Timothy, you are a very nice looking Mancat!! Your fur is beautiful!!
    Your FL furiends,
    Samantha & Tigger


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