Friday, July 06, 2007

Big Noah!

~ God Bless Us Cat Lovers! ~

This is Noah. My neice needed someone to keep him for a few weeks, so I agreed.
That was eleven years ago.

He pretty much takes over my desk when he wants my attention.
With a small adjustment, I just keep on with my computering :)

He's a great cat, a big cat and I love him!


  1. Noah is very handsome! And I can see he is a great help around the office, too.

  2. Noah looks like a very good helper!

    Oh yah, I have nominated your girls Sara, Miss Emily, Anna Sue, Gracie and Maggie Mae for the Rockin' Blogger Award. You can see my blog for more info. Please nominate 5 more Rockin' Girls.

  3. Deluxe padded wrist rest!

  4. HAHAHAHAHA! Wake up, Noah!!!!!

  5. Wow, he *is a big cat!!!


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