Friday, June 08, 2007

This Is Mine!

~ Weather means more when you have a garden.
There's nothing like listening to a shower and
thinking how it is soaking in around your green beans ~
and may I add tomatos :)
--Marcelene Cox--

My daughter and her hubby have a small garden.
It's a quiet a distance from their house on another part of their property.
Their water supply, which is a well, is not close to the garden.
They fill gallon jugs at home and I fill cat litter containers at my house.
We're keeping everything alive, and praying for rain, like many others.
This is one of my two tomato plants :)
I'm thinking Fried Green Tomatos


  1. Are they growing some Catnip in that garden?????

  2. No 'nip there, but a little bit growing on the deck outside the bedroom here :)

  3. I tried growing tomato plants but they always seem to die on me. How do you get such great plants and even tomatoes?

    Probably, I lack green thumbs. :(

  4. That tomato plant is looking a lot better than my mom's!


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