Thursday, April 19, 2007

Knut receives death threat...

~ Genius may have it's limitations, but
stupidity is not thus handicapped ~
-- E. Hubbard --

Germany's celebrity polar bear cub Knut has received an anonymous death threat, causing alarm at Berlin Zoo Thursday and prompting heightened security.
Top-selling Bild newspaper said the zoo had received a hand-written fax from a suspected animal hater with the words: "Knut is dead! Thursday midday."
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  1. I can't believe the stupidity of some people! How anyone could even think of hurting an animal is beyond me.

    I've seen videos of Knut and he is quite the character : )

  2. Oh, Knut is very cute!

    Why are people so mean?

  3. Poor Knut. It is not his fault that he was born, then rejected by a mother in captivity. I think he is cute and should be raised as a captive bear. I am sure there are a lot of caring humans at the zoo who want the best for his well-being.

  4. I am sorry to intrude on a cat blog. I write about dogs but I am sure you do not mind.
    I think we live in such a mad world. Who would want to harm poor little Knut? There is so much hatred in the world and for once we were reading and hearing something good.


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