Friday, February 23, 2007


~ A Cat is a puzzle for which there is no solution ~

This is Bandit.
He was running around on the side of the road. When my car stopped, he ran into the road. I scooped him up! That was in 1994.He wants to be held *ALL* the time!!


  1. Bandit is beautiful! I LOVE cuddly cats - my Kellie likes to cuddle too.

  2. Oh, so sweet. I think he was running around on the side of the road looking for you to be his new Mommie.

  3. Oh he reminds me of my Elijah, sniff. Bandit is so pretty. He is showing his appreciation of his rescue I am sure! Kitty Cats know... and he is sure one blesses Kitty Cat to have you!

    Peace and Purrs

  4. He's in the best spot in the world on your shoulder!


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