Thursday, January 18, 2007

Patrick and Bob Update

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Patrick was shivering last Thursday, and when I spoke to the doctor about this, she asked had I taken his temperature?

Uhhh... No.

I didn't even have a thermometer and the largest animal I'd ever taken a temp on was a dachshund!

Patrick didn't particularity want me to take his temperature, but I finally got enough of a reading to let the vet know it was 105.8.

My next step was buying penicillin and needles and syringes.
The next step was giving the ten injections.

Not being able to catch, hold and inject Patrick, I called on a relative, a neighbor, a friend, a vet tech, and a kennel master to help me. I was the catcher, holder while others did the injections...which hurt him!

The vet said more than likely, his pads/feet hurt so much that he laid down on the damp ground too long and got an infection.

Both Bob and Patrick's pads seem to be healing now, but Patrick is still not using his front left leg. The vet said the chase has caused some arthritis to flare up. Having RA myself, I know the pain he is in...although most say animals don't feel pain as we do. I don't know if I go along with that when it comes to my 'kids'!

One of the dogs that came in had wrapped herself into her lead/leash so bad that it damaged some of her insides and bruised her. It also twisted around her tail and she has no feeling in her tail now. It may have to be removed, as there is no circulation. I feel so bad for the dog. I don't like to see any animal suffer, and it broke my heart when I heard about this. I will update as I know more.

I've been keeping both Boyz in the basement at night. When I let them out they are so afraid. There is no telling what they've been through that I don't know about. The yard and fence is as secure as I can make it without putting in electricity, which may have to be my next step...if Patrick recovers.

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  1. Animals most definitely feel pain like we do and worse, they can't tell you where it hurts unless you figure it out by how they are moving or behaving. Anyway who feels differently needs to be smacked over the head and told that really doesn't hurt.


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