Friday, November 10, 2006

Boxer Dog and Yard Sale

At a yard sale today, two dogs came up and the home owner stomped her feet, clapped her hands and tried to run them off. I caught one, a beautiful Boxer with a black face and dark brown body.

He had a tag, his name was Cheech and there was a phone number. I asked The Stomper if she had a phone I could use, and she said she'd call for me. I read the number on the tag to her. The owner was an hour away at work, but called her boyfriend.

I waited quiet a while, hanging on to Cheech, and got a good tongue washing by this beautiful dog.

The other dog, a young Akita/Husky type dog got away. He was more afraid of The Stomper, who called him a Wolf.

When boyfriend came, he asked me if I wanted a dog! What!!??

I told him with ten cats, I could not take him, but he could get in touch with a Boxer rescue. He said his girlfriend wouldn't do it.

I told him he needed to get Cheech neutered, but "Oh No, girlfriend wants to breed him" *sigh*

At least Cheech is safe for now, I couldn't find the other dog. They were a long way from their home.

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